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The aim of this study was to determine the extent of heavy metal in natural waters and the uptake by plants that grow in the AMD zones/non-AMD zones in Okpara coal mine. The study areas were classified into zones A, B and c, Water samples from all the three zones were analyzed in the laboratory,Fifteen [15] water samples and six [6] plant leaves samples were collected from the area.The species of plant leaves collected include Polypodiaceae Pteridium Aquilinum, Anacardiaceae Mangifera Indica and Euphorbiaceae Alchornea Cordifolia. Results revealed that Zone A has low pH value of 3.2 and high SO4 (52.30mg/l – 54.42mg/l), Na+ (105.7mg/l – 108.0mg/l) and Fe3+ (7.08mg/l - 13.24mg/l) concentrations, indicating that AMD forming in the zone. In zone B, the pH value ranged from 3.5 to 4.67 and the SO4 (24.02mg/l – 49.55mg/l), Na+ (30.14mg/l – 72.35mg/l) and Fe3+ (0.02mg/l – 9.74mg/l) concentrations indicating the influence of AMD from zone A. Meanwhile, in zone C, the pH ranged from 5.4 – 6.8 and the SO4 (0.83mg/l 26.81mg/l), Na+ (12.05mg/l – 171.0mg/l) and Fe3+ (0.00mg/l – 0.01mg/l) concentrations indicating AMD-free in the zone. Furthermore, the results revealed that plant leaves within the mine are taking up heavy metals but the level of absorption has no effect on their system.


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Okpara mine; Acid mine drainage; Plant leaves; Heavy metals